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Opal’s Sisterhood of Love is a youth membership non-profit organization founded in 2013 with the purpose of investing in the future of young ladies ages 5 to 18 in Georgia.

Our mission is rooted in the belief that self-love is the foundation that helps young women make choices that honor themselves, their families, and communities.

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“We believe that providing a solid support group to our young ladies, helps them believe and know that the sky is the limit but we are reaching for the stars.”

Tempestt Radford-Bell

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Why become a member?

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Life Changing Leadership

We prepare young women to confidently navigate the world as leaders who bravely make ethical and moral choices that help transform their lives and communities.

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A Different Kind of “Selfie”

Our approach is to offer a positive and loyal support system that encourages young women to embrace their personality and celebrate their uniqueness.

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Unbreakable Bonds

Our mentoring programs teaches girls positive ways to resolve conflicts, debate, and provide truthful feedback in ways that honor each other to create unbreakable bonds.

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What our Sisters are saying:

"My daughter has been a part of sisterhood for about a year and she truly enjoys being a part of an organization that supports young women along their journey to womanhood. The organization has a great youth development curriculum and it's a fun place to meet new friends learn and grow."

Catherine Robinson

"This is an exciting and refreshing program for our young girls and teens. Teaching them self love and discipline, which is much needed in today’s society. Trust me when I say if you have a daughter this is a program you would want her to be a part of."

Twana Donley

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